1 Day or a Half Day Conflict Management training

Managing difficult conversations with service users or clients.

Our Conflict Management training is designed to support staff with the necessary skills and techniques to resolve conflicts in various settings. Through this setting-focused training, participants learn how to identify diverse types of conflicts, understand their root causes, and develop strategies for constructively addressing them.

Training typically includes topics such as communication styles, active listening, negotiation tools and problem-solving approaches.

1 Day or a Half Day Conflict Management training

By developing these essential skills, staff are better-prepared to navigate challenging situations and prevent conflicts from escalating into more serious issues.

The goal of our training is to promote collaboration, enhance relationships and create a positive work environment where conflicts can be resolved with staff and service users.

Sample topics for your Conflict Management training:

  • Guidelines for handling disagreement
  • Conflict traps to stay away from
  • De-escalation techniques
  • Organising challenging talks
  • Listening strategies
  • Handling a variety of personalities
  • Tone, language and phrase management
  • Handling poor impulses from mental or intoxication impairment.

From £795 plus VAT for up to 12 delegates.