1 Day or a Half Day Breakaway training

1 Day or a Half Day Breakaway training

A practical Staff Safety program that focuses on teaching individuals how to escape from dangerous situations safely and effectively.
In addition to physical skills, Breakaway training also emphasises the importance of situational awareness, assertiveness and communication to prevent conflicts from escalating.

Participants are taught how to assess potential threats, de-escalate confrontations and make quick decisions under pressure. By practicing these skills in a controlled environment, individuals can improve their confidence and ability to protect themselves in real-life scenarios where personal safety may be at risk.

Breakaway and De-escalation training topics

  • Recognising common risk factors
  • Reviewing current working practice for easy wins
  • Recognising escalating cues
  • Simple control measures
  • The persuasion sequences
  • Rights and responsibilities using force
  • Managing proximity and rapport
  • Common assaults and counter-measures
  • Protective frames (practical protection)
  • Incident sharing and learning lessons.

From £795 plus VAT for up to 12 delegates.